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Nokia 9

Nokia 9 the back look which leaks look cool , with triple cameras, but Nokia this time u have to add slow motion on fps like example 240fps or 480fps and you can add 960fps super slow motion.. because all new Nokia phones lack this system . And Nokia need to improve a bit in battery technology. Iam using Nokia 6 and 7plus. But 7 plus drain battery a bit faster . So Nokia can do something. Please provide water proofing on NOKIA 9 . And if it come to India .Nokia need to add atleast hybrid slot. Because it's the best solution, if user want to increase memory he can or if he want to add second sim he have alternative.and India is price sensitive market so as soon as Nokia 9 launch' they need to realese in India, so that they can gain some momentum on premium device. and one of the bad thing about Nokia is they are not launching their phone at correct price in Indian market . Lunching and then dropping price is not a idea strategy.example Nokia 7 plus is good phone if it lunch in India as 23k to 24k could be game changer and siracoo should come under 35k to 37k . Because it has Snapdragon 835 .under 50k people will buy Samsung and other Nokia come up with correct price policy in India.. already their is tuf battle ..iam Nokia die heart fan.thats why purchased Nokia 6 and 7plus.hope Nokia will see my comments and work on this.

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Nice suggestions. I like waterproofing so long as it doesn't prevent easy repair, but often the two are not compatible.

Why do you think it will have a Snapdragon 835?

Please, don't forget Radio FM (with or without minijack 3.5)

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