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State of the camera after June update

 So it's been a while since the June update came out now. Here's all the stuff that's gotten better/is still bad about the camera:

+ The main app crashes less for me, it occasionally crashes on startup, but this crash no longer grinds the phone to a halt, and after one restart of the app , it seems to work fine (barring a few crashes, which at this point is "good" for this phone lol)

- Third party apps using the camera are still ABYSMAL. yesterday, i tried to upload multiple instagram stories, and everytime, the app crashed, the phone would also crash alongside it, and after three/four tries PER story, it would upload. additional info about this: a song was playing in the background and a bluetooth speaker was connected, but even when thats not the case, third party apps using the camera keep on crashing. it's been three months now, please fix this. it makes the camera pretty much unuseable, and you end up missing so many moments.

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