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High body SAR on Nokia 7 plus in EU

Hello everyone. I was looking for a new mid-range phone and nokia 7 plus seemed like a perfect fit, everything I need. But one thing bothers me. When I was checking SAR values I saw that US values are pretty low, both head and well below 1, but EU-body is 1.776 (head is fine). Why would they make it this high? I know this is fine for EU standards but it's concerning me that US wouldn't allow that (I dont know why tbeir values are drastically different). BUT I mostly have only wi-fi on, occasional mobile data, would that put the value well below stated 1.776?

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I can't answer all of your questions but I think that the difference between the maximum SAR for phones in different countries is for a few reasons:

  1. Maybe the test methods are slightly different for Europe and USA, and other countries?
  2. Different model variants - there are two model numbers for the 7+ for the USA, both show different maximum SARs:
  3. Different frequency bands are used in different countries, and those countries only test the bands which are relevant to them, so the USA and Europe tests might not test the same bands.
Looking at the SAR information at, the same model variant is capable of both 1.776 and either 0.58 or 0.62 (there are two model variants with different values for the FCC tests). This means the same model phone is acceptable in both the EU and USA, so the issue is not the phone it's actually the EU limits. This means you'll probably have the same problem with every phone in the EU which uses LTE.

I may not have answered your question, but I enjoyed looking into SARs and learnt something along the way!
Cheers :)
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