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Spotify becomes silent during playback


I have a problem with a Nokia 6.1 currently on the June update but the problems started after the May update.

When listening to Spotify sounds stops playing after awhile, sometimes it works for 10 min and other times only for 2 min.
The app does not crash or close and if you look in the app it looks like the song is still playing, there is just no sound coming out from the speakers or headphones.

The only way I have found to temporarily fix it is to close the app and start it again.

Has anyone seen an issue like this and have suggestions on how to fix it.


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Hi there, 

This is just my personal opinion/experience and not really related to my work at HMD. I’m experiencing the exact same thing on my Nokia 8 but didn’t pay much attention to it because Spotify isn’t that important for me. After your post I checked the Spotify community and it seems some other people facing this issue as well (e.g, here Since phone models and even brands are varying it seems like it could be a little Spotify issue. Maybe keep an eye on the Spotify community they might  provide a solution there :) 

Best regards,


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