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Ok. After the june update

 I'm using TA-1043  model of Nokia 6.1 and after the update WiFi issue is fine for me. i hope others too. but unfortunately still camera lagging/freezing. of course i think 85% users will be causing this issue and no one cares still ! at least No news about it. so i started some digging / solution for this camera issue. i found issue on GPS . that is the main reason of freezing / closing app. for fix this issue guys please open camera >  Settings > turn off location tag.


Go to the settings >  app & Notifications > See all apps > find camera on that list and open > select camera permissions > turn off location

and restart.  when open the camera some asking some permissions also deny them.

that's it. now your camera will be run charmly even 3rd party apps also. hope this will help you all for fix it.  try your self's and update here about your experience.

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I followed the steps and my camera works flawlessly now! Thank you very much for the solution!

 This didn't really work for me :(. for the people it does work for, does this also make third party apps perform better?

I chatted with the German support today and I sent them the links to the nokia forum posts. I was told that the problem is known and due to the software and furthermore the technicians are working on it (priority). The support hopes that the problem will be resolved with the next update.

Further, "As a temporary solution, we can advise you to turn off 4G and location and hopefully these steps will be resolved until the solution is distributed by our development department." (translated from German)

Then I deactivated the "Location" permisson in the camera app. We will see.

Hope, that Nokia will fix this software bug soon.

Greetz from Austria

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Not really useful if the app you're using requires location to be on. I have a bank app that does that when you deposit a check in the app.

This worked for me! Thank you for taking time to research this and post a solution.

While I followed your instructions I overlooked restarting the camera app as you stated last. And when I did it really works like it did when the phone was new. Thanks again!


Looks like Camera is working better now, but not third party apps using the camera, they are still freezing. Any other tips?

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