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Nokia 8 security updates page wrong?

Community Hero

Hi everyone,

Have I understood the Nokia 8 security updates page correctly? https://www.nokia.com/en_int/phones/security-updates

It says that we had the update to 4.88 with the pro camera UI, but then it lists the security update to be for 4.84. My phone says it has build number 00ww_4_88b_sp01, which isn't listed on the security updates page.

Is the security updates page wrong, or just out of date, or have I completely misunderstood it?

Cheers :)

I think it may be classed as the 4.88B update on that page. You also have to remember that some of those updates may be for phones in other regions which is why they have different version numbers.

Community Hero

Yes, it's clear from the security updates page that some Nokia 8s are still on Android 7.1, not updated to 8.x, and some are still on 8.0, not updated to 8.1.

You might be right about the version number, however the latest security update for my phone was separate from the maintenance release, so why would they be listed as a single update?

I am pretty sure they have just missed it in the list. The initial build of 488B included the may security patch and the SP01 is the June release which isn't listed

Community Hero

Hmm, I'm still not sure. Before the Pro camera update my version number was 4_84, the pro camera updated it to 4_88. Maybe that was referred to as 4_88B, and the June security patch is to 4_88B_SP01, which means the June security patch is missing from the list.

Yes, sorry that's what I meant. They have listed the the 488B correctly, but missed adding the June SP01

Community Hero

Wow! You're on fire with the replies today :)

I am heating up NBA Jam style
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