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Horrible antutu benchmark test.

Soo much frame drop too much slow ..ends up with crashing or very low score comparing to other same budget devices. Whats going on..?! Is this class @HMDglobal.

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How Antutu score matters to Nokia ? And its class? Send feedback to Antutu.. why u r sending that to Nokia ?.. the software is pure .. Moderator: pls filter such bogus claims so that real issues can be identified..and decorum of forum can be maintained..
Please run antutu test & have some benchmark study before comment. Its software is pure but definitely has hardware the same runs smoothly on other pure Androids too.
Auntutu score should ideally be around 130k-145k, sometimes companies use different drivers for same phone which make compatibility issues resulting in lower score. Scores varies but not by a huge margin.
Guys just get a OnePlus 6 if you want more satisfying antutu scores......
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