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Anyone with TA-1050 please read

Hey all, if you have a TA-1050 please state here whether you have had any updates since May. My phone still hasn't had any updates and Nokia's "support" team are not saying why or when we can expect updates going forward. This is simply not good enough for a handset that is enrolled on the AndroidOne program. If you do not have this particular variant or have nothing positive to contribute please don't post as I will likely curse the crap out of you for it and I don't want to upset our seemingly part-time moderators/support team :)

Just spoke with someone on the support chat. The person was as much use as a chocolate teapot! Wood not give me any straight answers at all, tried to tell me that once an update is released it can take up to seven days to roll out fully, didn't get a response from them when I reminded them that the release date for the June update was the 4th of June and it was now 3rd July.. tad more than seven days.... Screenshots the convo so that will be sent along with other bits and bobs to the office of the CEO shortly... Seriously Nokia, when you sell something with the promise of all of the monthly updates from Google, try doing it..
Ok then, let's see what happens next.. mail to Mr Rajeev Suri has been sent. Forgot to say before though, the person on chat actually suggested using an insecure free VPN app to try obtaining security updates....smh...seriously!
My TA -1050 is on the June patch right now . Had updates from the time I bought it . I'm from South Africa . It's a contract phone , doubt that has anything to do with it. Hope your phone gets the updates soon
Hi there, I am an owner of TA 1050 in the UK. I received the update on Sunday (1st of July). I dont know if this helps Thanks
Thanks for letting us know. Can I ask where you got your phone from? Carphone warehouse for mine 
Yes, it was carphone warehouse
There may be hope for us yet, shame Nokia support aren't exactly forthcoming with help and information, you know, like customer support teams are meant to....
At long last two consecutive updates. One 454Mb and second 87Mb. Cannot see any difference in layout operation. LTE logo gone, cannot get VoWiFi to function.
Still waiting....
Happy to see you received yours HappyTraveller,now just Decyther needs to get his .
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