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Jio volte issue

I am facing the following issue on my Nokia 8. When I call Jio customer care from my phone the call gets disconnected. I am able to make calls to all other numbers. If I put my sim in some other phone, then I can call Jio customer care. I also got it flashed from a near by Nokia care center still the same issue is there. Talked to Jio they say tried to trace the problem and found that my handset is not allowing the call to be placed. Please help

Same here, I feel this happened after the last update. Same Jio sim working fine with other handsets. The problem is with 199,198,1991,1909.
No buddy this issue is there from the very start. I got my phone flashed from service center and after that I was back to nougat with September security patch. Even then I had the same issue and after updating to latest one also the issue persists

Tech Wizard

In the Dialler app > Menu (3 dots top/right) > Settings > Assisted dialling
- does it work if you turn off Assisted dialling?

No doesnt work even after disabling assisted dialling
No it doesn't help but one thing I've noticed in dialer settings, when I tap the additional settings, there is a display "Network or Sim card error". I mean dialer settings > calling accounts > Jio 4G > additional settings. Is it significant? Any enlightenment from anybody? Please share your experiences.
Tried that out. I am also getting the same error.
There seems to be issue with volte. I disabled volte and installed jio4gvoice. I was able to call 198 from there. But after i turn on volte and call 198 it doesn't work. Since this is a volte phone we dont need to install jio4gvoice ideally. We can directly make volte calls. Jio4gvoice is only for phones that dont support volte. Hope nokia looks into this issue and provides a fix
I can't even do that, Jio4gvoice keeps on instructing to use the phone dialer as this is a VoLTE phone inspite of volte being turned off. May be an Oreo feature.
Why it is so that Nokia is sitting on the issue? They were very prompt to solve it for 7 plus.
Updated to july update still issue persists. Unable to make calls to ONLY jio customer care. I hope nokia and @Laura are listening
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