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GPS not working during a phone call

My nokia 8 drops GPS connection when I have an active phone call. GPS fix drops right at the moment when the phone call opens (i.e. when the receiving party answers the outgoing call or I answer the incoming call, not during the ringing tone) and comes back right after the call ends. The issue is 100% consistent and has been verified with several map applications (e.g. Google Maps and Here).

For me the issue has appeared with some update during last spring, maybe in the February-March time frame.

Anyone else having the same issue?

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Tech Wizard

Hi jalaluus,

I've kept an eye on it and can't replicate the issue, yet.
Tested with Sports-Tracker and navigation with Google Maps, but not extensively.

I wonder about external shielding of the GPS antenna and/or electric interference: Is your phone in a wallet or a cover, in a car holder, or connected to a power source?

I'm in Denmark and Telenor LTE network with a TA-1012 Nokia 8 if that matters.


No cover, in a brodit active car holder with power connected. I have not tried in other environments since this is the only setup where I have had the need for both active call and GPS at the same time. Anyway, good point, I will try without the car holder.

TA-1004 in Elisa Finland network, no VoLTE so in 3G during a call.

 The problem is present also when the phone is not in the brodit active holder.

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Tech Wizard

Thanks for taking the time to rule out the car holder/charger.

Next step is ask the store where you bought the phone what they can do to help?
- Navigation should work during phone calls and I can't think of more to try at home.


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