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OZO enabled voice recorder should be built-in

Hi guys, so today is exactly the date I used this phone for 3 months. I use Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps which will record voice. But I found that the audio isn't that good and small sound if record audio with these apps. And this make me reminds me of Nokia OZO audio. I have an idea and highly suggest HMD Nokia should build a independent OZO audio recorder app for all OZO enabled Nokia phones. Hopefully HMD you'll listen.

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Yes I also agreed an OZO voice recorder... Should be given......THERE is literally 2 HMD global apps on play store..... they should make some more useful apps..

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Yeah I also agreed OZO Beneficial programs should be more accessible

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Yes strongly agreed. There must be a built-in app. So that we can make full use of this OZO Technology!! OZO limited to only videos is not enough!!

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Agree nokia must have some store exclusive apps from HMD.
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