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Issues after latest update

After the lastest update ,we are facing following issues :- 1. Phone hangs on a particular screen and nothing works at that time. 2. Fingerprint sensor does not recognise fingerprint, although i have reset it many times. 3. Whenever i open camera using third party app like Instagram, Hangout,it does not work at all and i have to force close the app to reuse the phone. 4. Heating also has increased. 5. Not able to get App notifications. A lot of problems we are facing now, please fix it as soon as possible. Its very hard to survive with these many problems.

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I also have issues with the fingerprint sensor after June update! TA1043.

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 Yes to number 3! so many problems with the camera including the ones that you've described

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Fingerprint swipe gesture for notification doesnt work for me as well... Camera doesnt hang but seems it has been demoted from the previous condition.. Charge drains a bot faster as well..

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Guyz we will be uploading our issues but nothing gonna happen from it i know, because nokia is not going to see any of our issue. When the phone releases just after that camera issues are raising,after that 3 updates has arrived but in none of them they bothered to add fix for camera issue. Very poor performance
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