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Camera manual mode does not have preview

Hi, When i set the camera to manual mode, the display did not show preview. Example, when I change shutter speed to very fast, the picture on screen still bright like still in auto mode, but when snap picture, the image is dark (as expected). Can camera app upgrade to show preview of lighting condition when in manual mode. Thanks TARO

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Not a issue until u know what r u doing. If u r novice use auto mode. Its Nokia not ViVo & Oppo.


Wyk sounds like someone who really know what he/she is doing with the manual mode.

Maybe my question is put wrongly, since i was told to use auto mode, when i really want to use manual.

let me rephrase my question, hoping I can get an answer.

Does the Camera App have a feature similar to a light meter build in, so that I can estimate how much light will flow trough the lens with different shutter speed control real time before I press the shutter? With the information I can also estimate which ISO and should there be a need to adjust the over expose or under expose level.



Ur question differ a lot from previous one ...i think u got confused. Inspite I am not an HMD engineer soo cant tell about the features that the camera has, u should know how much light should be passed with a camera aperture f/1.75 & its quite oddball to ask about the preview on viewfinder. If u want a light trail u must need to go manual mode with increased shutter timer & little ISO adjustment as it cant be shooted in auto mode just for instance. And for more u can visit NokiaOmanMHD on YouTube.
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