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No Cell Service state with Toyota vehicles on bluetooth

I drive 2 Toyota vehicles.  A 2011 Prius and a 2014 Rav4.   On both cars when I pass through a no signal area the car display shows "No service" very quickly.  However when I am back in a signal area, the the car display continues ot show "No service" and will not let me make an outgoing call until I disconnect then reconnect the phone.  If I get an incoming call while in the "No service" state the call comes in, rings and can be answered normally.

I have tried setting the phone so bluetooth is not battery optimized, but that has not helped.  Any ideas for what else I may need to adjust?

I had exactly the same with Ford Sync 1. I contacted Nokia support, the gave me the BT specs from the phone to compare with the BT of the car. Unfortunately i didn't know those specs. I bought a new car with Sync 3. Until now I had the issue once that when I came back to the car that BT did connect, but no cell service. Today I will go to a underground parking and test it with the 2.22E patch (TA-1043).

That's the only problem I have with the phone. Overall very happy with it.  

Just tested the BT cell service. Didn't work. After returning to to car, connection is made. After leaving the parking cell service is not connecting. No strength signal is displayed on the car screen although cell service on the phone is correct. Outgoing call not possible, incoming call is working.  

(Temporarily I hope, HMD!!) Workaround is disconnect/connect phone on car screen.

Thanks for the input MaxH.  So it looks like the issue is wider spread than just the Toyotas.  I too use the disconnect/reconnect trick to get the phone back, though it is not easy to do on a winding canyon road.  Hopefully they will fix this issue soon.

 I had hoped this bug would be fixed, then hoped Android 9 would fix it, but no luck.  The problem is there even with Android 9.  I have now been putting up with this for a long time.  It would be nice if Nokia could fix it.

Well, that's not good news. I'm not able to test it (vacation), next weekend i'll try.

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