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Pathetic quality two problems in one month and my phone is at service center for 15 days reason non avalibility of parts

Seriously Nokia this is pathetic two problems in one-month first purchase got defective device got it replaced and again within a month touchscreen issue this is not good on your part Nokia and Nokia service center or customer support doesn't understand the simple English language pathetic and now the service people tell it will take 15days to repair it come on Nokia seriously I had used oneplus 3t previously had touchscreen issue after three months got it replaced within 1 hour and Samsung apart from software their devices don't even shy away to break even if you want it to break even their budget devices don't break even though they are pathetic to use but they don't break this is a seriously low-quality device I am not gonna recommend Nokia to anyone again already lost trust on Xaomi and LG and now this Nokia now I am gonna bad press about this, even my 5 years old Nokia 502 works flawlessly still except it is not 4g enabled but the new Nokia is not at all customer friendly and not good i wasted my money on them my hard earned money 

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Which is you problem with the touch? 

I have a very frustrating issue with the touch, some times becomes unresponsive until you lock and unlock the phone, then it works again, some days is worts than others, its a very ramdom problem.

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Got a defective device at the first purchase second replacement the whole touch screen just stopped working suddenly and the service center people are telling two weeks to get it repaired is this they call you can rely on it pathetic piece of useless garbage it is and the customer support person cannot even understand simple English nor can speak simple English if I was the manager there I would fire him explained the whole problem to him and yet still he was ehhh what you I lost my job because of this phone I have just applied the before day and the next day it broke down on me I am not joking at all I am serious I don't know why it happens to me only and even asked the customer support to replace the whole unit they were no we cannot i mean what is this 2 broken devices within a month all they were is sorry and sorry again but I lost my job man I am going file a case on them in consumer court  

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