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Don't invest money on lot of products

Nokia is good phone but not best... Nokia investing lot of money on models which causes doesn't give tough competition in the markets.... launch few products make them best.. definitely you will success example one plus ( everyone know one plus doesn't give security updates like Nokia then why craze?)..... Nokia is best in hardware but software?.... Invest money on software provide us features like call recorder, application lock, make capacitive lights as notification be frankly you completely fail in providing us best camera, we don't want improvement always days are going, we want best.... Till you fail in that think once honestly lot of products also didn't sell properly as your estimations

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Always nice to come to this forum on a morning and read the wave of positive posts that people must spend hour crafting.

On one hand people want an as near to stock Android experience as is possible but on the other they are complaining things are missing and these tend to be things that are not in stock android, hence why they are missing. Cake and eat it springs to mind.

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"It doesn't do enough!!!"
*features get added*
"It's too bloated!!!"

You're wasting your breath mate. Most people clearly can't differentiate between the phone and the OS. Every single demand made in these forums is already available in the Play Store. If HMD did add them in to the core, it would only be a stock app, which is something people don't seem to realise. Personally, I don't want HMD packing the phone with apps I'll never use. I want to make that choice myself.

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yes launching lot of mobiles. its good idea to launch less products and make them best still nokia phones camera fail to give competition to other falgship phones

Here you go then fella lets have your opinion on this:

Taken last week in Portugal on full auto with no stupid filters or rubbish fake depth of field modes used (just for the record Bokeh is out of focus points of light and not depth of field). By all means critique the image, as a snapshot what is exactly wrong with it that is getting your heckles up so badly?


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@ Migs, you hit the nail right on the head.

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