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VoLTE / Enhanced LTE not available in Korea (SKT)

Hello, I have the TA-1062 with global rom. It is currently on 8.1 with May 1 security update. I haven't been able to establish VoLTE. I went to register my device as OMD today, and I have been informed the lack of VoLTE could be solved through that. But I still don't have that option. I also contacted SKT customer service and they said they will look it and come back to me.

Is this a problem particular to me? or HMD & SKT are not compatible in this region?

My Nokia 3 with the last update Nougat 7.1.1 June, 1st 2018 is also unable to connect to native VoLTE Smartfren, Indonesia provider. It is confusing since I buy this phone because of it says VoLTE supported in the box.

Dear Nokia team,

Here is the LTE band available in Korea:

SKT : FDD 1/3/5/7

KT : FDD 1/3/8

LG Uplus : 1/5/7

So SKT has the 1/3/5/7 bands which are supported by Nokia 7 plus. I have found that in Korea the protocol for VoLTE / Enhanced LTE is TTA-VoLTE. But it seems Nokia did not enable this in their current handsets. Could you discuss this issue with the related department and maybe solve this problem? I don't think I'm the only one in Korea who has this problem as I have found that there are other Korean netizens that have either purchased the phone, or hesitant to purchase it due this issue.

If you could help with this issue, I would be much obliged! :)

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