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I regeret buying Nokia 6.1[Problems explained briefly in the description]

I waited for a month for it to launch. And I ordered it on the first few minutes. 
  1. It has the worst camera in 2018. I lost my interest in taking photos with this phone.
  2. It constantly gets hung while using basic apps like phone, SMS. Basic UI is lagging. 
  3. I get "Device too hot" popup every time I charge my device. Can feel the heat.
  4. Fingerprint is not functioning properly.

Everyday is pain. Total disappointment. Give a refund or replace mine with another device. It wasn't an affordable phone for me.

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Exactly..indont regret the camera part caz i bought it knowing the camera doesnt go with the pace.. But same other issues i have and i even tried to exchange it for a 7 plus at the 3rd day...didnt success though.. Even oppo normal fingerprints work better.. Everytime trying to unlock thos phone ot shows error at first then 80% time it works nd rest of the times i have to use pin..getting scared to put it in charge caz of the heating issue.. And i dont understand how a 4gb 64gb feature can lag like this..! Plz fix these problems if possible.. To make us a lil bit satisfied over putting our trust in this :)

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Except the fingerprint sensor, my 6.1 works smooth. Don't play games while you charge your phone...

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Same here, nothing but bugs with this phone. Tiday i discovered that making a phonecall is pain. I can barely here the persons voice on the other side OMG, they can't make a phone that actually can make decent phonecalls.

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Please respond! Check my device and do the needful. My device has serious issues.

In regards to the camera, keep in mind that for the price it still isn't bad. Al phones regardless of what people think are just convenience cameras, if you want something for the joy of taking pictures I would suggest a decent (not cheap/low end) point and shoot as a start. Sensor size does matter as much as the technology and you simply can't get a big enough sensor into a phone, let alone decent zoom. You can get point and clicks with huge optical zoom and small sensor (still much bigger than a phones) or a large 1 inch sensor with a modest but very handy 15x zoom, like in the Panasonic TZ220. With phones the lense is also exposed to fingerprints, dust etc. Even phones with supposedly decent cameras I've seen take terrible pics at times.
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