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Can you change the font size on the 3310 3g phone ?????.......... And more

Can you change the font size on the 3310 3g phone ???

I just received my 3G version today and it is extremely disappointing to see they removed the "Go To" menu and more importantly the "List view"...

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I can't change the font size in the browser either


I logged in here to ask this same question. I have just got the 3310 3g for my mother, her old phone died a death and so we wanted to get her a simple easy to use phone. She had a Nokia 220 before so i thought things would be similar for her to get used to.

I was trying to set the menu to list and also increase the font size in messages but all the tutorials i viewed had different options. The screen had the original look to it with OPTIONS CHOOSE BACK etc..this one is completely different and has fewer options in the menus.

If there is no way for me to increase the size of font then this phone is no use to her as she has poor vision. 

Could somebody confirm this?

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