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Sending phone for repair with DHL (Bootloop issue)

Ok so my Nokia 8 decided to into a bootloop turning it into basically a potato despite a factory reset, it was fine one day then bam.. useless. So I did the online repair gubbins printed my DHL label only to find I have to drop it off miles away which I did yesterday 7 days after creating the label as it was first chance. I go there and they say they need a 9 digit (think it was 9) account number or can't send it..they don't know what the number is to do with and Nokia said nothing regarding an account number when creating the return also the labels run out now, I contacted Nokia but next to useless just fobbed me off with we'll get DHL to contact me. Anyone know what the account number is about ? Anyone used this service? Btw it's a random address in Hungary does that sound right? Cheers guys

It's the payer number in DHL. The number can be read from the package number from the label. 7 days is too late, you have to report again. It is best to order a courier by phone.
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