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on earth 2018, Nokia still doing 2G ?


Singapore user here. from 2017 singapore close down 2G signal.

at that time Samsung A5 2017 have SOFTWARE UPDATE , 4G+2G become 4G+3G.

if you switch the DATA to sim 2, become 3G+4G.

this is the same thing with nokia 8110 4G

when i switch the DATA to second sim , it will become 2G+4G

i assume from hardware wise 4G+3G is possible.

will nokia give software update to support 4G+3G (or vice versa) ??

Thank you

Not an expert on this matter but the chip in Nokia 8110 4G is Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 and the included modem is X5. According to spec on Qualcomm's site it does not appears to support 4G+3G. Not too sure about the Samsung phone you mentioned but it uses a chip developed by Samsung itself with its own modem so I won't be surprised if they disabled the functionality until they finished testing it and then enable it via software update after testing process completed
Hope nokia have roadmap to 4G+3G
Where is the problem? 3G and LTE operate independently from the 2G network so Nokia 8110 4G should work fine without 2G coverage at all?
Where is the problem? 3G and LTE operate independently from the 2G network so Nokia 8110 4G should work fine without 2G coverage at all?
There are already other Nokia devices that can use 4G+3G. In future it will probably depend on when will chipset manufacturer make low end chips that have such capability. @saper The problem here is that, the second sim slot of dual sim model will be useless in places without 2G network.

I don't understand what you mean, rtenggario.

Just because Singapore and Australia shut down GSM networks, Nokia is supposed to turn down on a world standard? It doesn't mean that GSM is no longer a world standard as a cellular phone Network just because it is not available in Singapore.

The contrary, in some parts of this planet it still is available and sometimes it is the only available network providing important basic services like telephony and text messaging. Yes, also basic data services like GPRS and even EDGE are provided which allow you to check emails and even send WhatsApp message via GSM.

Telephony is one of the crucial services of a cellular phone network, you know, that is when you are in distress and urgently need help, you make a phone call rather than sending a WhatsApp voice message or using Viber or whatever. And GSM Networks, which are luckily still widely available in many countries, exactly can do that.

So, thank you Nokia for still supporting a world standard :-)



Thanks Rory, that was also my feeling when reading this :) To be more technical: I read up a bit and the docs say that the X5 supports DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby) configuration, and that means that one card can be active (on a call or using a data connection - I guess this means PDP attachment?), and the other has to be standby (on the network, but without an active connection. Is the above correct? If yes, the press articles say that it supports "LTE DSDS" so I would assume that both cards can work on the LTE frequency. Is this not true? Do you mean that one card can be logged onto the 4G frequencies and the other one can be logged with GSM 900 MHz/1800 MHz only? Or can both passively listen on 4G but only one can have an active connection?
Another question, did anybody actually test this?

Hi saper!

Well, it's both and... Unfortunately, SIM 2 (the nano SIM slot) is only active in the 2G (GSM) bands, i.e. 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. Data also is only possible with 4G via SIM 1 (the micro SIM slot). Only one SIM can be attached at once, either SIM 1 or SIM 2. During phone calls, one SIM is not reachable, either 1 or 2. Both SIMs can be paged for incoming phone calls.

Did I forget something?



So, I realizedI have a second data SIM card with a different operator and tried the following settings: SIM1 works fine with LTE. SIM2 works fine with another device with HSDPA+ but the operator does not offer LTE so I can't check SIM Manager Outgoing calls SIM1 Outgoing messages SIM1 Data SIM2 Mobile Network & Data Carrier - SIM1 Network Type -- CANNOT BE SELECTED (nothing happens) Automatic On Carrier SIM2 Automatic On And here is what happens: with Network Type 4G/3G/2G Auto it shows me the "E" letter for EDGE (2G) 3G/2G Auto it shows me the "E" letter for EDGE (2G) 3G Only It shows me the "H+" letter for HSDPA+ (with relatively poor reception) Confirmed with YouTube - with 2G there is no chance to get anything, with HSDPA it works fine. Then I went out outside with a better reception Switched Network Type on SIM2 to 4G/3G/2G Auto and (IMPORTANT) TURNED OFF Data Connection and then TURNED ON it switched to E (EDGE) but as I got better reception and started YouTube it switched by itself to HSDPA (H+). Here is what I think: * It will try to use lowest quality starting from 2G to save battery, it goes up only when needed, so testing should be done with something that uses more bandwith * It is sensitive to the signal, with 1 bar HSDPA inside of the thick wall it prefers to go with 2G first I don't have LTE on SIM2, but maybe it is the same?

Hi saper!

Wow, that's interesting! And thank you, you did a lot of research.

You know, I didn't check all this for two reasons, while the first one is no really a reason:

1) When I go on data settings for mobile networks and try to set SIM 2 to 4G/3G/2G, the UI says that SIM 2 can only support 2G (and I believed that).

2) For me, personally, it's enough when one slot can support LTE. In that constellation I use one card as the data card for data transfers and as an emergency SIM in case the SIM in slot 2 has no network coverage, and I use the SIM in slot 2 mainly for phone calls and SMS.

So, my guess was that you can run everything from 2G through 4G data with slot 1 (depending on your choice under "data & network settings" with the phone trying to get the highest data rate possible, e.g. if 4G is available in a reasonable quality, it is preferred over 3G and 2G and so on) while slot 2 gives you 2G (GPRS and EDGE) plus voice calls and text messages...



*I don't know why the forum does not accept my newline breaks* By coincidence I traveled to another country and got yet another SIM card there. And, surprise surprise, SIM 2 gets 4G without any problems using the default 4G/3G/2G Network Type setting. I have also figured out - one can set Network Type only from the active data sim card. So, first go to "SIM Manager' and select the card you want to use for data, and in the second step you can go to "Mobile Network & Data", select the active SIM card and pick up the Network Type. I think the interface is prepared for Dual SIM Dual Active configuration, so one could in theory set two different Network Types for two SIM cards independently. So, in my opinion, both SIM1 and SIM2 are equivalent and perfectly capable of running 4G. I am using the phone delivered to Germany.

Hi saper!

Wow, thank you so much for that valuable piece of information! I will try this right away! You are right, concerning the specs of the X5 modem, but I wasn't too sure if HMD is going to offer it all via the UI or maybe block some features. Well, obviously, they didn't :-)



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