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July patch 2018 we know Nokia 5 & 6 have it why is Nokia 6.1 not having if

We want the July 2018 update esap hmd stop wasting our time we can't accept an update in middle or end month ,,send the patch to Nokia 6.1 u can send optimization release updates whenever u wish don't forget I test Nokia 6.1 Google updates Nd I know you hmd have been given the okay to publish the updates it works fine no glitch whatsoever ,,so guys ask for the update .. maintenance release can be updated later but we need security patch

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Nokia releasing security patches sooner for low budget phones like Nokia 5&6 & later for high end phones, but why??

 I think you're pretty entitled. The month just started, and I'm really curious to know what "need" you have for a security update. Software development takes time, and as bad as HMD has been about communication, they don't owe you an update before the end of the month.

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