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Internet using from wrong sim

Hi I am using JIO (sim1) and Vodafone (sim2). Internet activated only for JIO, but after the July update system sometimes using the Vodafone internet. Have double checked in the sim settings, data is enabled only for the sim1. And it happens even though the mobile internet is off. Please fix this issue.

July update!!! o_O

did u check if mobile data is activated for sim 2 under data usage option?

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Thanks a lot. Yes it was on but in disabled mode. I have changed it.
Nope , still have the same issue . Data is disabled for the sim2, preferred sim is JIO(sim1), still system is using data from sim2 and I am losing money from my Vodafone sim :(

dang.. I thought it was the same problem like mine... mine was like sim2 data is always active even if I set cellular data sim1.. which I think happens in any stock android phone running 7.1+ after initial setup and need to turn off the data from data usage(cuz everytime i flash a custom rom on my secondary handset i had to do it everytime)..  So maybe ur's one is some kind of bug I think :(

Yes bro. This is a bug, I don't know when they will fix it. I am loosing my money. Hope Nokia will fix this.
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