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Fast Battery draining

Helo guys my nokia 6.1 battery draining is so fast like i only get 3H 50M on display time, please help me i only play shadow fight 3 game for just 2 hours only sometimes , otherwise normal wifi usage , buti always check battery details it always show 3 or 4 hours maximum on display, let me know yours battery details? And tell me if someone have fix for it..thanks

Hi! Check the battery usage. It's possible that a certain app dry out the battery.

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I checked that only there is one game i played for 1 hour 30 minutes , but after that normal use its give me maximum 4 hours screen time , can you tell me yours?
If you installed anything latley check for that. A theme, a keyboard, a camera app. If not, send your phone to service.
I checked it guys i didn't notice anything ,  in my place there's no service center of nokia
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