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Android P for Nokia 3

Will nokia 3 be getting Android P beta or official update in August??? :)

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Nokia 3 won't get Android P in August, Nokia 8 perhaps. Nokia 3 will get Android P in December or January.

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I think it will be available on beta in 2019

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we already have no Android 8.1 so android P I do not think

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Yes my thoughts exactly :(
If HMD don't skip Android 8.1 for Nokia 3 then you could expect it in August or September. Android P is coming to Nokia 3 but not this year, maybe Q1 2019. HMD has confirmed all Nokia phones will get Android P,
I still do not understand why some friends are so nervous about upgrades ... Let's look at the other brands how many problems they have with oreo their devices! I think Nokia will keep its promises ...
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