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RE: Missed Called Icon Error (help?)

Hi folks,

I have a Nokia-3 handset.

On the 'phone' icon, there is a red number 1 which indicates I have one missed call.  However, I deleted all of the missed calls, force-stopped the phone app, and did several restarts; but the red number one will not disappear (4 days now!).

This exact same thing/error happened with Hotmail and What's App a few weeks ago and members on the forum kindly helped me to resolve it.

Many thanks in advance,

Paul (UK)

Try uninstalling the updates of the phone app by going to settings> apps> phone. You can update this app again by going to Google Play Store. Have you still not got the Android Oreo? This issue has been fixed in that version of Android.

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Thanks Emaz,

I thinks its worked.

I was told that the Oreo update would be 'automatic'.  But no, I am still on the older version.


Okay! Have a nice day! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions or concerns :)
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