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Battery on Nokia 3 to 7

Hi everyone I am a Danish Android developer for Nokia and I am making a Signature collection for better battery life on the Nokia 1, 3, 3.1, 5, 5.1, 6, 6.1 and 7 If you want better battery life on the above mentioned phones please answer your name and your phone that you want better battery life on You see at all a matter about the software cause a 3000mAh battery should last for more than 2 days

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Longer battery life is always good. However, we don't always needed bigger batteries. There are loads of ways to reduce battery drain in the HMD phones using the Android settings, most of them relating to background processes and disabling apps which aren't being used. My Nokia 8 should apparently need a charge once per day, but I can easily get two days of use out of it (note that I have the screen brightness lower than most people).

Anyway, in general, I hope that battery life improves in the next generation - I remember when my N8 running Symbian only needed a charge two or three times a week!

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