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Auto rotation and camera app issues on Nokia 8

The accelerometer and orientation sensors stopped working all of a sudden in my Nokia 8 (Android version 8.1.0 and security patch level 1June 2018) My screen is not auto rotating even though the option is enabled.I tried the reboot to safe mode and even did a factory reset but nothing helped.Third party apps as well as g sensor test shows me that these sensors are absent on my phone.. Additionally after the factory reset, the default camera app stopped working :( Has this got anything to do with software or is this a hardware issue?

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Tech Wizard

From your description, my guess is hardware failure.
You already tried all software repair options. Next step is claim your consumer rights at the point of sale or the manufacturer's warranty.

- In Europe all defect claims must be handled by the point of sale.

Defects happen. I hope you get it sorted out.


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I am sorry if this doesn't make any sense,but do you recommend waiting for the next software update before taking device to service centre? Camera is fine using other apps but still no auto rotation. I am asking this because everything was fine and all of a sudden there are a lot of issues Thanks in advance -Rinu
Even I am having the same issue.Auto rotate not working suddenly and when contacted support,they asked to wait till next system update.
Well, my case is a bit strange, it happened to me when I was watching a video on YouTube, on horizontal position, and I accidentally pressed the power button. The phone locked, and after unlocking my phone, the auto-rotate stopped working, even with it turned on...I did not try anything yet, I believe I'll ask for support...
Well, the told me to do a Soft Reset, and it actually worked for me...
Another update, same day, I got one of those random restarts while using the camera, and after the phone rebooted the auto-rotation stopped working again, so I tried to soft reset, and all that they told me to do, but it didn't work, so they told me to contact my provider for repair...DEADLINE
Eventually I replaced my phone with a new one, and I did not experience any of those famous restarts or auto-roatate problems, so, if you tried all the software kind of solutions, and you still can replace it, you could get a "healthy" phone in your hands...

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Oh that's great :) How long did it take for you to get the replacement?
Well, it took me just 2 days, but it depends where you bought it.
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