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Stuck in system update check on setup

Trying to set up new Nokia 7 Plus, going thru the setup screens and it downloaded a 590.2 mb update to apparently update to Oreo 8.1. Reboot and back into the copy data screen, then asks to download the same update, click on Next and it says my phone is up to date.Now I have two options,"Check for update" or click back.Going back takes me back to the previous screen (not suprisingly) and check for update just sits there with a blue line cycling across the screen. First time with a Nokia phone and hugely unimpressed so far.Any suggestions? If I can't get out of the setup screens, it's going back

 Hello? Any chance of some support? Hugely unimpressed with the experience of Nokia out of the box so far - phone doesn't work and no support. Nice.


Hello  user1530827113924, 

Sorry to hear you are facing issues. Since this is more a peer to peer community I recommend to contact our >technical support< via chat or email. 

Best regards,

OK, thanks Laura, trying to contact them on twitter, getting bounced all over the place, will try email instead. Thanks for responding

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