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Nokia 6.1 UK model stuck on May update

Can someone clarify something to me?? I have a brand new Nokia 6.1 sim free unlocked UK model. It is now July 6th and my phone has no June update. I don't usually fuss about things like this but I'm asking has it been released in UK yet?? If not, why?? Nokia joined Android One program but so far as I can see my handset is not upto date at all. I'm not out to argue with anyone I just want an answer. Maybe Laura can answer??

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Been asking this for the last few weeks. You wouldn't happen to have a TA-1050 from Carphone Warehouse?

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I'm using the TA-1050, UK model 6.1 from Carphone warehouse on iD.

No update here. Have even tried using my work vodafone SIM and connecting via VPN to India.

Yes mine is Carphone Warehouse too, it's weird for sure considering it's sim free. Sort it out Nokia, it's not very good when you consider the older Nokia 6 is getting July patch now

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Pretty pathetic customer service all in really isn't it. I've even emailed the CEOs office about the total lack of support we have received. There's been a total lack of transparency from Nokia over this which is pretty bad considering it's supposed to be an AndroidOne handset as by rights Google will have already released the July updates and we are now two months behind. This had better not be how they intend to continue or I will be seeking legal advice for misselling a product.

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Hmmm I wouldn't bother with legal advice over a £229 phone but if they don't stick to their promises then I just wouldn't buy their products again
Thinking more trading standards than anything else.. Unlike our American friends who drop a "law-suit" at the drop of a hat, the joys of the litigation nation :)
Mine is a ta-1050 brought from the carphone warehouse I got the June update a couple of days ago

 Which network are you on?

I am on Three but it doesn't matter,even taking sim card out and trying to check via Wi Fi makes no difference

I'm on three but have tried it with no SIM and with a plusnet/EE SIM. Also tried after a hard reset as well..
My network is Tesco but seeing as it's unlocked I don't think that's make any difference I might be wrong
C'mon Nokia! It's now the 9th and still no update. WTF are you doing there? Circle jerking? Really starting to regret buying this phone now.

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Sorry u will have to wait hmd won't even care especially whenn@cripplednewt behaves like analamba hmd matako,,he praises hmd when they clearly are failing at service delivery like I mean how can Nokia 3 have june patch and Nokia 6.1 in UK stuck to buggy may update ??

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Mine isn't buggy but i am asking the question why is Nokia promising Android One fast updates but we are not getting them?? And not even a moderator will answer because nobody seems to know anything

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