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Nokia 6.1 UK model stuck on May update

Can someone clarify something to me?? I have a brand new Nokia 6.1 sim free unlocked UK model. It is now July 6th and my phone has no June update. I don't usually fuss about things like this but I'm asking has it been released in UK yet?? If not, why?? Nokia joined Android One program but so far as I can see my handset is not upto date at all. I'm not out to argue with anyone I just want an answer. Maybe Laura can answer??

Received the july security patch in india
I think this topic is to do with the uk 6.1 model and not the Indian one where they receive updates long before we do here in the UK
I was just informing that the indian models have started receiving July update

I put a new sim card in today and connected to wi fi but still no update. It's definitely Nokia's side nothing to do with carriers at all as it's sim free anyway. Where is Laura can she not answer us??

And surprise surprise look who gets first treatment again to updates, India  I've had enough
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