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Nokia 6.1 UK model stuck on May update

Can someone clarify something to me?? I have a brand new Nokia 6.1 sim free unlocked UK model. It is now July 6th and my phone has no June update. I don't usually fuss about things like this but I'm asking has it been released in UK yet?? If not, why?? Nokia joined Android One program but so far as I can see my handset is not upto date at all. I'm not out to argue with anyone I just want an answer. Maybe Laura can answer??

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The only time mods seem to like appearing is to tell people off for swearing, as I discovered ;) then they promptly bugger off without addressing the actual issue at hand. Oh and they always like to claim it's a peer to peer support forum? Then why do we access it via the official support app? Not like we get any real help from the "chat" option, the people I have had to endure on there would put a chocolate teapot to shame!

Yeah sadly am let down by Nokia,not just cos of no update promise but also buggy software,stuttery performance in their handsets despite stock Android and so far they have yet to produce a mind blowing camera

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Well I did have a nice long post written but it looks like they censored it... long story short.. the 6.1 is gone, took it back to the shop and showed how little of a crap Nokia support give with screenshots of my support chats and posts on here. Without any further question they swapped it out, I now ave a phone with a working camera and Bluetooth! A P20 lite :) Good luck to the rest of you and to Nokia support.. up yours :D

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I bought my Nokia 6.1 three months ago And I've had no updates at all .supposed to be Android one . What's going on ?

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Well,good luck with Huawei their updates are even worse. After my holiday i am selling this piece of junk

Don't blame you I might do the same

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Camera is good in daylight but in lowlight even using 4 second long exposure it's full of colour noise. Absolutely horrid and there's me thinking Nokia were the best with cameras

Received the july security patch in india
I think this topic is to do with the uk 6.1 model and not the Indian one where they receive updates long before we do here in the UK
I was just informing that the indian models have started receiving July update
Thanks for letting the UK users know, if anything it proves how much of a shambles Nokia's update infrastructure really is and how they do not deserve the androidone branding, at least in this country.

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I put a new sim card in today and connected to wi fi but still no update. It's definitely Nokia's side nothing to do with carriers at all as it's sim free anyway. Where is Laura can she not answer us??

And surprise surprise look who gets first treatment again to updates, India  I've had enough
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