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Isn't it a piece of Junk

Well the first one came dead on Arrival. Nokia after 4 days of struggle gave me a new phone. But as they say new Junk is as good as old junk, isn't it. Office , home on the roads all are using phones and I am struggling to hear and speak.. signal quality is so so bad. Doesn't work on Screen you can't project screen on TV using a Miracast stick... Stupid phone keeps sleeping in switched off mode and doesn't wake up to wake you up on Alarm time. !! Oppo and all Chinese phone a do it since ages.... There is not Mute button. You have to press the mechanical volume button... It was a misplaced faith and misinvewted money in Nokia 7 plus by me... I am sorry to myself !!
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Stop creating new topic for your same post. Phone supports screen casting and not screen mirroring. June update has bugs which are going to be fixed in July's update and this is due to Google messing up not Nokia as Nokia controls only few thing in software. If you are having so many problems just sell the phone around 20k and buy Asus Zenfone 5z. Yes it would cost you few ks loss.

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