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Screen mirroring doesnt work on this

Can you beleive it, this Nokia 7 plus doesn't work with MIRACAST dongles to project your screen on the TV., God help Nokia and it's Engineers who have assembled this phone. I am so badly stuck with this phone and a bad investment done.. I was an Oppo user and beleive me the 3 year old Oppo beats it hands down.... team Nokia should feel ashamed !!

Best Answer
According to my experience I have no issues with network but many people have with the June update but you can give a try to network rest only if you want to but you will need to entry the WiFi passwords again if you do network rest.

Thanx , so how do I get help now..for me to he biggest problem is voice is coming very bad signal when other phones with samw company Vodafone Sims are working fine...is Nokia seeing these messages and will contact me or it's a pure discussion group .
Nokia has clearly mentioned it supports screen casting and not screen mirroring as Google want us to buy Chromecast device. Another fact is that this is an Android one phone so Nokia can't mess with software.
I am writing what is not in the Phone. Why should I be bothered why it is there. What is not in the phone is bothering me and I think I have paid and bought something which is giving me a much low quality experience, period. Also , suggests there should not be any self appointed monitors trying to tell others not to write this and that..
That's why one should do thorough research before buying a phone. If there's a particular feature that you care so kuch avout and it's not there, then why did you buy this device at the first place? It's an open community forum and anyone can tell anything until those aren't bad words.
When Demo of a product is given in those 5 minutes a customer can check n see only a few things. How can a customer check screen mirroring , or the fact that phone will not wake up from switched off position to give you an alarm or it will not sybh with the cars Bluetooth or a few apps ( Uber) will not work. Yes my first phone cudnt connect to car and launch Uber... And you know what Nokia's policy says.." we are not responsible for any 3rd party Apps" .. by that logic if no App works it's not Nokia's responsibility technically. When we all but a phone and that too after 2 years we safely assume it will be better on all aspects and not worse... Now if we have to go and check every single aspect then Nokia better start giving a phone for 15 days on Demo...

@Aniket Thakur, There is nothing to laugh about it. It's not at all vague as well.

Some android phones like Xiaomi and old NOKIA phones have that feature. When a phone is turned off, it doesn't mean that it is fully powered down. The clock will still be running and the processor will be in a low power state ready to wake up when the power button is pressed or when a trigger like alarm is set.

First of all we aren't self appointed. You people are such annoying to post same issues in different topic just to burst out your anger. You don't do research before buying neither take suggestions nor watch reviews and then starts to complain. I have the same device & my only issue is camera app and few of the settings not working under developer options. Bluetooth works fine. You are talking about Nokia not a single company takes 3rd party into consideration. I'm not stopping you from writing but writing don't buy , waste of money & same post again and again only indicate that how impatient you are and not even giving a chance to company to fix it. Nokia ecosystem is new & it will take some time to be stable. I accept that phone has some issues but saying it again & again is ridiculous.
So how my issues can be solved ..there are so many I have listed. Most important thing signal being poor at home and office when same carrier Sims are working fine for other people in the same room.


According to my experience I have no issues with network but many people have with the June update but you can give a try to network rest only if you want to but you will need to entry the WiFi passwords again if you do network rest.
" you people " what kind of language is this ? Are you from a different planet or class... I am just admitting I made a mistake buying his phone and if buying a phone means doing so much research for basi features and one should read the fine guidelines by the company then yes I have made a mistake. How Nokia is going to solve these issues is to be noted
By you people I meant others who are posting same post again & again. Bhai baar baar bolne se kya hi hojayega. Agar new issue aata hai toh jarur new topic banai aur company ko bolo, sab support karege aapko.
If you have switched off your phone then not a single phone will automatically turn on by itself as you have set an alarm before switching off the phone. How vague it is? I can't stop laughing 
Nokia will not contact you rather they will take your problems into consideration then they will roll out ota update for it in security patch update. Just visit service centre if you have time. Vodafone has issues from the beginning it self like from April security patch. Can't say anything about how to fix in particular but try network rest once and do check the access point of net if you have data issues

Well, its very easy to laugh off certain points.. i have been using Blackberry and later Oppo and BB  had this facility around 10 years back ... you turn off the phone ( Whatever that means - shutdown or sleep or low power mode). There will be no screen light, no calls, no data ,,, no disturbances and Phone will wake up on the Alarm time.

It was shocking when i almost missed a Flight worth a Lakh of Rupees thanx to Nokia 7 Plus not waking up.

In Technology we normally assume things only move forward to make User experience more and more Easy and good . Unfortunately we are wrong with Nokia 7 Plus. 

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