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Disable the annoying popup when connecting to pc


Is there a way to disable the very annoying popup when you connect your phone to pc?

I do it pretty often during the day at work, so it's very annoying and is useless as it's only a info. And it interrupts any video stream i had (like YouTube or Twitch)

Here is a screenshot.



PS: it's very annoying.

Are you talking about the notification which appears when you connect your phone by USB? This is a security related message which gives options to just charge or give access to phone storage. I don't know a way to disable this Android system notification, thus I can't offer you a way to watch Youtube videos at work uninterrupted.


Well, it has OK and Cancel buttons and it basically does nothing as in the pc I get access or not depending on USB settings, regardless of what i click.

And I'm talking about the POPUP, in the middle of the screen, not the notification that is always on, in the top part of the screen.

Here is a direct link to the screenshot, you might have missed it in the previous message:


You are right, I forgot about the popup which appears before system notification and I missed the screenshot! I checked system -> developer options --> choose USB configuration if it would be possible to choose a default like MTP (instead of "charge only"), but it lasts only for next USB device you connect. The second time you connect a USB device it reverts to "charge only" and the popup appears again. Comparison to Google Pixel C with stock android 8.1: Defaults to "charge only" but no popup message at all. Don't know if Google or Nokia introduced this popup. I agree with you, it's annoying! On the other hand it saves Nokia from tons of "can't access files on my Nokia device" threads here... I would prefer a solution with an additional checkmark "Remember my decision for this connecting device" when you choose charge only, MTP, PTP, ...

I'd like an option buried somewhere in the menus, so the "less techie" will not bother with it and people who actually know what they want can turn it off.

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