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TA - 1062 , build Nbr. 00WW_1_32E , Oreo 8.0 Sec.ty Patch Feb.2018

Hello Nokia.

I am an expat in PR China residing in Beijing . Device is 7 weeks old.
There is notification about system upgrade to 8.1 , however unable to download it. After a minute or 2 of apparent downloading device switches to pause mode. A
I am aware PR China received system upgrade on 12.Apr.2018. Please explain how to upgrade my device system to 8.1 and obtain latest sec.ty patch (JUl.2018).
Is this possibly the matter of service provider ? My service provider is China Unicom.
Thank you.

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Try removing the SIM card and try the upgrade if it's a issue with the service provider. How much free space do you have in the internal storage?
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