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Jio beats HMD to release the "new Asha"

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Hi all,

HMD recently got the rights to use the Asha trademark, so we expected them to release a new Nokia Asha with full portrait layout QWERTY keyboard.

However, it appears that Jio will beat them to it, they have just announced a new JioPhone 2 which looks just like an Asha. This new JioPhone will also run KaiOS, which I expect would have been HMD's preference for the Asha too.

Will HMD still release a new Nokia Asha? Personally I hope they do.

Cheers :)

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Yes that would be great. Qwerty keyboard, with WhatsApp and Google services sounds great.

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Yes, for sure, something like the Nokia Asha 302. Although you have to ask yourself what you can do now years later with the new version based on KaiOS, that you couldn't do something like 5 years before with S40 (Or maybe even the more advanced Asha OS in phones like the Asha 503).

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Well Google Maps with built in GPS, Google Assistant and Google Contacts and Calendar. The browser is likely going to be much better and much better Emails. The KaiOS is more advanced. Can't wait to try it.

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Yes, of course KaiOS is more advanced than S40,which was based on Java. But just imagine, Microsoft wouldn't have discontinued it, all this could have been implemented. Or just imagine the Asha OS would have been further developed. It was great, just the hardware were bad. I have read somewhere, the processor just had something like 533 Mhz. But these are dreams now, let's hope now that KaiOS get regularly updates.

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 Pardon, I forgot, the processor of the Asha 503.

I have an Asha 501. It was a great phone at the time.

Yes, I had it too, and the Asha 503. Especially the idea with the fastlane was great. Other developers copied it later, for instance Blackberry with his Hub in BBOS10.

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Agree with the opening post: Please HMD, release a KaiOS 4G phone with a qwerty keyboard.

now doro has released a 4G phone with a keypad in uk is HMD ever going to release 8110 4G in uk
I love my Asha 503. My Nokia 6 with Oreo is a shit
Reinvent space impact also
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