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Update Camera App Pls

HMD Global and Nokia team please acknowledge this, your camera app needs serious improvements. I currently own a Nokia 7 Plus which i had bought last month (June) and am disappointed with the purchase due to its camera quality. Phones priced at half its price are performing better in terms of camera quality. I don't believe the 'Zeiss' senors are to be blamed but your software post processing certainly is. A photo taken anywhere except in broad daylight turns out to be a 'noise house' especially in indoors and low lighting conditions with sometimes over and sometimes under sharpened result. The matters were not that worse before the June OTA Update cause i had switched to google cam port which used to work flawlessly but now gcam dosen't work either. And i am certainly not in the mood of rooting my brand new device for making gcam work. Please either fix the issue which is causing gcam to not work or focus on improving your camera app because until and unless you don't have excellent software there is no point is publicising great hardware ( 'Zeiss Optics' ). Please take this into consideration because excluding the camera i have never used a better smartphone than the Nokia 7 Plus. But 'i can't rely on its camera quality'. Thank you.

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Same here. Post processing is awfull if you compare it with picture taken from Google camera mod.
Google camera works use bsg mod of 31/05/2018. Link:
Google mod works use bsg mod of 31/05/2018. Sorry can't give you the link on the fourm as it won't approve my comment.
Can you tell me the exact version of bsg mod. Does portrait mode work?
I tried the mgc mod v 5.2... ( bsg mod of 31/05/18 ). The camera app is opening but im not able take photos. When i click on the shutter button nothing happens.
I have no problems & portrait works flawlessly.

try this one ->

Motion Photo & slow-mo not working... it will crash the app.. except that..everything is working including portrait mode

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I hope to see improvements in Camera app, too - the pictures have no details, I took some of today's sunset and I'm very disapointed.
My slow motion videos of water are just terrible.

So, please, please do something for that camera.

Really very bad camera performance. Nokia is really a very idiot company
Aniran, try the latest version of Google mod, it works absolutely fine. Version: MGC_5.3.015_1.apk (BSG, 2018-07-05)

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The sad part is that Google camera crashes in slow motion video only. :\
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