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Video call

Inspite of enabling 'carrier video calling' feature, we can't do video call from this phone. but why?

I was able to video call from my Jio sim.
I've the same issue.
I have the same issue
Video call working fine in India only Jio support native video calling mean only jio to jio call possible and one more thing if you call other person who have oppo vivo and some other phones they doesn't support native video call function then you are not able to do video call. Some brands support native video call function like Mi , Samsung and Nokia according to my knowledge. So if you call to mi samsung or nokia then it will connect otherwise no.
I was calling a jio sim inserted in a mi phone. But the video calling button in dialer is not functioning
I agree with whatever you said user1525532364262 but the thing is i have checked all the criterias but still it's not working. My father owns a J7 PRO 2018, mother owns a OPPO F7. I've even video called them on 28th of june but on 29th, at a sudden the native video calling stopped working. Even can't receive video calls from my sister who owns J7 PRIME, it gets converted into voice call.
Not functioning or disconnect when other person accept the call. If disconnect then jio network issue try to swich on flight mode and then off it after few seconds then try again video call.
It's not working sir, tried everything.. 1. Tried another phone with same sim card, video call is just fine. 2. Tried another sim in this phone, not working. 3. Tried full reset. 4. Flight mode thing you said.. it's not just working and the video call button in phone dialer is just not responding.
I have same issue
Video calling is only possible when both people have their data or wifi enabled....and their is a constant internet connection......I am able to make video calls to my friend who's using a Samsung device .....on the BSNL network........ using Google Duo.....
Google duo is a separate app. We're talking about native video calling support. Please understand the issue first.
Please use Google DUO app Or the WhatsApp video calling feature to call your friends....... WhatsApp video calling is best as everyone has WhatsApp....( Mobile data or wifi should be ON with a proper internet connection) For quality GOOGLE DUO is best though....if you can insist your friends to install it....
Few handsets like from Samsung can make video calls to other Samsung device can make video calls without switching on data.....but this only works if both the caller and receiver has a Samsung Device......
1. Google duo or whatsapp are separate apps. We're talking about native video calling support. 2. As you can read here, people are saying it stopped working that means it USED TO WORK. 3. AND IT USED TO WORK IN NOKIA DEVICES. THAT'S WHY WERE COMMENTING ON NOKIA FORUM, NOT ON SAMSUNG FORUM. 4.NATIVE VIDEO CALLING DOESN'T NEED TO KEEP DATA ON. WE KNOW THAT. 5.FIRST UNDERSTAND THE ISSUE AND THEN COMMENT PLEASE. Thanks.
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