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Oreo update still not here UK

So I decided to factory reset my Nokia 3 in the hope of Oreo update but all I got was march security patch update , still on nougat 7.1 waste of an hour doing this , what's going on ,dreadfull phone I doubt I will have another !

Not sure if it helps but I'm a UK user as well, I removed my sim card Went to the apps list and tapped the 3 dots on the top right to show system apps. Scrolled to Google service framework and cleared the cache Also cleared the Google services cache Then restarted my phone still with sim card out Connected to WiFi and did an update search It turned up after 3 attempts or tapping the search for updates button. Again not sure if this is why my update came through but these were my steps before I received the update
I have screenshots but don't know how you add them here
Thank you but unfortunately this has not worked for me :(
Okay sorry it didn't help , I know android itself is a fragmented platform but I seriously don't get some companies way of doing things. Hopefully you'll get sorted soon . I was told about a VPN trick thing but I never get in to all that
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