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Worst service in my hole life

Hello sir /madam. I bought my nokia 6 with full trust and hope that it will last atlist for 1/2year. But just after 15 days there is a mic reciever problem. I went to care they told me they have to replace motherboard. I gave them my handset with full of trust. Real problem begins here. They return my phone after 28days. Problem did not end here. They dis not fix my display properly. So there is a gap between display and body. They took more 15 days to repair it. Now the same problem is there. A huge amount of dust entered in my front camera because of poor fitting service. Again i gave to care. Now they made a extra problem. They put gum or what to fix my display i don't knw. They put 5 elastic rubbers. Sir they give me my phone and said to me dont open this rubbers for 12 hour let the gum to be dry. I took my phone from the care and follow the instructions as they said. But now there are white spots all over my display. Means all over.


i am trying to attach my phone display photo but i cant post in this community . i dnt know why


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