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My Experience with the Nokia 7 Plus & How to improve it

I have been a Nokia fanboy for years (in fact my first 3 phones were all Nokias until the Lumias) so its no surprise that when HMD brought Nokia back from the dead, I Immediately wanted a Nokia phone again. I finally settled on the 7 plus because to me it seemed like the perfect blend of performance, reliability & usability (and android one of course!)

I got my brand new 7 Plus last week and boy does it look good in White!(extremely hard to get). Even though Im really happy with the phone so far, It does have a few quirks but I am hopeful they can be fixed with a software update in the near future.

Here are my suggestions on what can be improved.

1. The adaptive brightness is really jumpy and not very reliable. I have it turned off at the moment and I hope this can be improved with an update so I can confidently turn it on again.

2. An option to bring down the notification panel on the home screen by swiping down on the screen. I am aware This option exists for the fingerprint scanner on the back but I would also like to be able to do it on the screen itself. I know the pixel phones as well as some third party launchers can do this and it is a lot more convenient.

3. A profile toggle in the quick settings panel. This may sound silly but I am used to this since all the android and ios phones have this and cannot find it anywhere on my 7 plus. I would prefer a quick toggle for silent or vibrate instead of holding down the volume down button.

4. The camera is a bit laggy in opening and changing modes. It needs to be zippy like everything else in this beast.

5. In call volume is on the lower side when not using a headset. I hope this volume can be increased.

6. A dedicated music player and sound recorder maybe? All my previous Nokia phones had these.

These quirks are in no way deal breakers, and I still would highly recommend this phone to anyone. But the experience can be improved further and I hope the Nokia Devs consider improving on these suggestions for their next update. (Really excited for Android P!)

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