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Camera Bug

I had previously reported that the bug had been resolved post the June Update. However, the issue has resurfaced. Although, it's a bit better than before. Basically, when I click a picture, at times the phone comes to a complete hang. And I have to wait for a minute or two before it resolves itself. Even the power button doesn't work in this scenario.  

I contacted the customer care chat about this who said it was due to issue with third party apps. But, it occurs in the Nokia Camera App itself. I have noticed a few patterns in each incident. Hopefully, this will allow the software team to nail the bug down. 

1. It seems to be associated with HDR.

The issue is most prevalent when HDR is on. If I turn HDR on and click a pic in low light, the phone is 99% guaranteed to hang. Even with HDR off, I had one case where the phone came to a hang but, it was for a very short period and only once so far. 

So, perhaps it's an issue with the implementation of the Camera API?

2. Ported Google Camera does not suffer from this bug. 

I've been using the Ported Google Camera APK for some time now with HDR+ mode on. And i have faced no issues using it. In fact, the pictures are slightly better. However, the port is of an older version. 

3. Third Party Apps crash in a very weird way

Okay, I have not completely confirmed this. If I turn on HDR in the nokia camera app and then click in a third party app, it crashes. If I turn HDR off on the nokia camera app and click in a third party. It doesn't. Which is totally weird. I noticed this pattern only with Instagram. Need to confirm this more. Might be a coincidence. 

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I am facing same issue from a long time now.

 Yep, June update has made it slightly better, but crashes still happen and third party apps like Instagram and Whatsapp cameras are still really bad. Turning off both the location permissions for the cameras and and third party apps as well as location on the phone fixes the problem though for me.

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