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Sound is too loud android 8.1

 Sound is too loud at the lowest setting and also there is hissing sound when listening silent videos.

There is no option to turn of the dolby sound which seems to be a problem.

I have the lates version of the software but is there any improvement at this issue?

Nokia 6 has the same issue

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 Also this affects the incall min volume which is too loud

 I send my phone to the service for repair but we will if it changes anything. I will assume that this is a feature or a software issue. This is wery annoying when comparing to Nokia 6 or any other phone the sound levels are normal.

I think this is related to this problem:

I am having the same problem. Did you try the Nokia Mobile Support (Nokia mobile care) app? There is a support chat function in there. They told me to return the phone under the warranty terms.

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