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Bluetooth devices not displayed

In Nokia 7 plus, upon turning on the Bluetooth. I am not seeing any nearby Bluetooth devices. Attempted reset, multiple reboots but problem not resolved. Is anyone else also facing this issue in particular on Nokia 7 plus. Regards, Shri

I have the same issue for car accessories (call hand Free device).It cannot even 'see' the device.Had nous issue with Android 6 before
I am also facing same problem. Initially I was able to find and connect to any Bluetooth devices. It stop working after most probably July security update. My mobile visible in other mobile so if i want to connect my mobile with another mobile then i manage to connect. But problem is with Bluetooth accessories. I couldn't connect to headset, speaker and so on. I tried to clear cache of Bluetooth app but didn't solve issue. I don't want to reset mobile otherwise already paired device will get deleted.
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