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Wifi not working for some apps

On my Nokia 7 plus, Facebook & Gmail apps are not working properly on Wifi. It will work perfectly on mobile internet data. Please let me know the solution....

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 Same problem here - any fix?

I believe I have the same problem, but with and Amazon Prime Music apps... Both work fine on a regular 4G connection, but not on WiFi. Very strange and no clue as to how to investigate further...

Only app found properly working was YouTube. Also can update apps via Play Store.

Speedtest app also shows proper download and upload speeds as expected but Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc keeps on loading but doesn't update any content.

Surprisingly this sites works when accessed via mobile browser.

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Exactly the same behaviour as I see. Would be nice to get some help from Nokia on this?

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This might work. Go to settings, apps and notifications, see all apps then 3 dots top right and reset app pretences.
Same problem here! The news feed cannot be updated for both Facebook and Instagram. Nokia support team, please fix this issue asap.

After a lot of research into trying to understand the issues that I was seeing, I finally figured out that this was a IPv6 related issueAs it happens, in my case, it turned out that my router was causing the issue and not the phone itself.

Please note that you may be seeing either the same issue or you may have completely different issue, but I hope the loooong description below will give you some clues and directions that you may want to investigate. 

The primary issue was that my router was returning a bad IPv6 address whenever a device connected over WiFi. I figured this out by running network diagnostics using the Netalyzr app from the Play store. When connected thru WiFi, this app reported a bad IPv6 address. When connected thru a 4G LTE connection, it didn't report that as a problem. As a secondary check, I also used the IPv6 status widget to verify the network status when connect thru either of the connections. Again, this clearly showed that my phone was only on IPv4 when connected via WiFi, but was on IPv6 when connected vi 4G LTE. 

Net, Net (no pun intended), some apps on the phone refused to work via the IPv4 connection and required a working IPv6 connection to work. Others were probably more tolerant and would fall back to work via IPv4 when they found a bad IPv6 address on the phone. Not sure if the apps should be made tolerant or the phone networking should be tolerant enough to do the IPv4 fallback for all apps. This is something that Nokia should investigate as a possible issue in the firmware.

Anyway, subsequently I checked many IPv6 related settings on my VDSL router (DLINK-224), but couldn't resolve the issue myself. I ended up calling my ISP (Airtel) and asking them about their support for IPv6. Initially, they claimed to support it, but later confirmed that for now, they don't support IPv6 for broadband connections. However, they sent over a technician who was extremely helpful and for no obvious reason, replaced my DLINK router with Huawei HG630. Again, for reasons not clear to me, this router started giving valid IPv6 addresses whenever a device connected over WiFi. My guess is that internally, its doing some IPv6 to IPv4 translation or tunneling, but at least the IPv6 address it was giving out were valid and working. Of course, as soon as my phone got a working IPv6 address, all those misbehaving apps started working and I have no issues any more. Interestingly, after the router change, now shows  DNS6+IPV4 as reachable (see attached screenshot), even though it clearly shows IPv6 connectivity as 'NOT SUPPORTED'. In any case, as long as all my apps work well over both WiFi and 4G, I am a happy camper ! 

If you folks are still seeing these issues, please try the apps and sites I have linked above and see if you have the same issues. If so, you may be able to find a resolution thru your CSP as well. All the best !

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if it is router problem then why nokia 6.1 has no issues on same wifi network?
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