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Face unlock

1.Why face unlock is not given instead of smart lock, trusted face. 2. Navigation gesture is not available . Can't change or hide navigation bar. Why these updates are not available in my model as Nokia claims to be updated. Am highly disappointed in Nokia after everyone ask me to go for another brand I chose Nokia . Please fix it asap . If you can.

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First of all to clearly mentioned nokia 7 plus two verient one Chinese and onther one is global(which out of china). If you are using global nokia 7 plus then you can't update in future all this face unlock insted and navigation gesture. Because global all verient havr android one programme support which not allowed to nokia any modifications of google stock rom. It's fetchers are available on china rom already . I thought you are understand .

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Thanks for replying .i am aware of its both model and yes I have global variant one . Am just curious why those updates not available in both . I want those features as well .

Face unlock will be coming with this month security update I think and for the other features those might not come to global variant at all..Reason is global variant comes under android one program.. So there are certain limitation set by google for the OEMs about what features they can add and what they can't as android one device must gice consumer a stock android experience like nexus and pixel devices....

Why do you buy an Android One device knowing that it runs almost pure stock Android and Google gives only some limited freedom in what the OEM can change on Android? Until Google changes the approach giving Android One manufactures more freedom Nokia is stuck at the blessing from Google for adding some features and modifications... I'm really interested to see how and when Nokia will implement some kind of face unlock.
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