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Dual 4G VoLTE support

I was wondering if there are plans to retroactively enable dual 4G VoLTE support for the Nokia 8 similar to the update for the Nokia 7 Plus. My understanding is that this is supported by the Snapdragon 835 SOC. Thanks!

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I completely agree!

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SD 835 doesn't support Dual 4G Volte. You can browse this thing on google.

SD chipsets that support Dual 4G Volte are only 636, 660 and 845.

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Thank you for the clarification!
Agree! I would love to get dual VoLTE support!

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Thanks Kuldeep.k for the reply. I had this question too. Its sad to know that sd 835, a flagship chip don't support dual LTE while the mid range does.

Pikachu: that is because 835 is a old processor and 636, 660 are new processors. At the time 835 was launched there was no need of dual 4G volte so this thing coming in newer processors. Latest flagship 845 also supports this and some of the newer mediateks too. 

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Thanks again Kuldeep.k for this information
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