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Help! Opera mini browser blinks before opening some website and chrome browser does not open all website

Hi all, Ever since I have bought my Nokia 6.1 phone, each time I access my ACCA portal website on Chrome browser, it returns a failure message and the website could would not open.. Also, for opera mini browser, it blinks like the phone wants to die before opening the websites. This opens all website, but it blinks like the phone is about to die before it lastly open the site.. Please help!

 Sounds like this may be a similar issue to what I have noticed.  Both Chrome and Firefox do not load all pages over the mobile network, but seem to work fine on wifi.  Have you checked if you still have the same issue over wifi?

Yes, I have tried it on Wifi.

I am seriously tired...Please help.

Await your reply

 If it is not working on WiFi then it is a different problem to the one I was seeing.  My situation was fixed by adjusting the proxy settings in the network APN.  If things are not workig on wifi, then it suggest a different setting needs adjustment.

Sorry, it works using my company wifi this morning......

Kindly share the APN setting.

Thank you

 It will depend on your service provider.  In my case simply deleting the proxy setting in the APN (leaving it blank) fixed the problem.  Your service provider may be different.

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