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Nokia 6.1 Sound Output stop after a while


I recently bought a Nokia 6.1. I am facing the issue that is whenever I play music with earphones [I have tried the variety of earphones] on after a while song continues to play on app [Song timer continiues] but audio output stops. I need to re-insert the Earphone to listen again.

Similar issue I face with the Call also whenever I pick pack after a while I hear A strange Beep sound and call get ended. I face this call issue from both via earphones and without earphone also.

Please provide some help for the same.

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 Exactly the same issue here. Not sure whether this is a software or a hardware problem..

I have exactly the same issue! No matter if I play google music, or youtube, or spotify, after an X number of seconds/minutes, Audio Playback stops and I have to re-insert the headphone.

I also have an issue using bluetooth when playing audio. When I put my phone in my pocket and I go for a walk, the audio cuts out for a millisecond every few seconds. It sounds like it's losing the audio stream but when I hold it in my hand, there is no such issue. This occurs also on WiFi inside my house.

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