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Nokia 6.1 Sound Output stop after a while


I recently bought a Nokia 6.1. I am facing the issue that is whenever I play music with earphones [I have tried the variety of earphones] on after a while song continues to play on app [Song timer continiues] but audio output stops. I need to re-insert the Earphone to listen again.

Similar issue I face with the Call also whenever I pick pack after a while I hear A strange Beep sound and call get ended. I face this call issue from both via earphones and without earphone also.

Please provide some help for the same.

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 Exactly the same issue here. Not sure whether this is a software or a hardware problem..

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I have exactly the same issue! No matter if I play google music, or youtube, or spotify, after an X number of seconds/minutes, Audio Playback stops and I have to re-insert the headphone.

I also have an issue using bluetooth when playing audio. When I put my phone in my pocket and I go for a walk, the audio cuts out for a millisecond every few seconds. It sounds like it's losing the audio stream but when I hold it in my hand, there is no such issue. This occurs also on WiFi inside my house.

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I have the same problem. I was going to carry my phone to a service center, because I thought it was a hardware issue. Write, if you solve the problem.

I think I fixed the problem. Switches off the option "Raise for notifications" under Settings -> System -> Motion. Since I've issued this, it works!

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Sorry but I do not see those "Motion" settings. What OS version are you on?

I have Settings -> System -> Gestures and in there I have 5 functions such as "Lift to check phone".

I turned them all off, let's see if it helps.

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"Lift to check phone" --> That's the option I was talking about.

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Thanks MrNightcall, your fix worked for me. I wasn't sure if it was a hardware or software problem since it just happened while I was moving with my phone in my pocket. But now it's pretty clear, that the "Lift to check phone" function is pretty buggy...

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 Your Welcome. Just report this issue to the Nokia Support!

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I've already turned off the lift phone gesture and can confirm it has stopped. However, I also have a similar problem in the exact same place. Sometimes the audio will pause for a few seconds before continuing when listening on headphones. Both were affecting me at the same time before but now it's only the latter, which happens less often than the lift gesture bug.

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